No Charades. Just Love.

I was just listening to “Reckless Love” and I had Truth well up inside of me. It was a Truth that I had for far too long forgotten.

We can know something with our minds that our hearts can forget.

Yes, our hearts have memory too.

Our hearts can know things too.

Jesus is after our hearts. He see’s the condition of our hearts and is after restoration of that. He isn’t after our perfection. He isn’t after our performance. He isn’t after our earnings.

We cannot earn His Love.

We cannot earn our Salvation.

I see Him. & I see Him as one who turns over the tables of man-made traditions of religious motions.

He is the One who saw the prostitute, Rahab’s, heart. She hid the Israeli spies in Jericho as others were after them. She helped them escape. God saw the condition of her heart and SAVED her out of everyone else in Jericho. God chose her.

He is the One who looked at all of Jessie’s sons’ build of strength but chose David…the forgotten shepherd boy. He chose him out of all the others to make King of Israel.

He is the One who watched as His beloved Peter denied him three times and yet still chooses him to feed His sheep and be the rock on which His church would be built upon.

He is the One who chooses Mary, a woman in the midst of a culture in an age that didn’t even see her testimony as valid or permissible, to be the first to “Go and Tell!” that Jesus LIVES.

He is the One who looked upon King David’s wretched sinful mistakes of adultery and murder and FORGAVE him. He saw the condition of his heart.

He sees the condition of our hearts. He saw Peter’s, He saw David’s, He saw Rahab’s and chose them.

He is the One who looked at a woman caught in adultery, in the midst of a crowd ready to stone her, and said, “Neither do I condemn you. Now turn and sin no more”.

His goal is always to turn us away from destruction and redeem us.

He is not after our performance. Although, He very much deeply passionately cares about our choices in life. Our choices flow from the condition of our hearts. But He doesn’t fix us from the outside in…no…He mends us from the inside out.

He knows that if He can just get ahold of our hearts, we will be restored.

No charades, just Love.

He sees your worth. He sees your heart.




Now, all that’s left is to choose Him back and let Him love you.