Dear Artist,

“With Artistry Comes Responsibility” – Mercedes

Whatever we create has a spirit attached to it; it has the power to either bring life…or death.

“The tongue has power over life and death; those who indulge it must eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18: 21.

A dream without a cause is vanity.

Like a kite with no string

Water with no form

Taken by the wind to only be lost

Nowhere to collect

Clinging aimlessly

Absorbed completely

Desperate for identity

Something to anchor us

Someone to guide us

Without a cause, dreams are vain

Without Jesus, identity is formless

Easy to lose, no foundation and just a matter of time before you’ve evaporated

But with Jesus, there is embrace; there is Hope, there is Life

He gives us new eyes and a spirit reborn

A heavenly eternal inheritance where we take up residence

We are no longer lost

We fly with a companion

We soar with destination

We dream with purpose

No longer formless

No longer creating in vain.

God created each one of us with the power to submit and surrender. With free will, will you choose to submit and surrender to Him, the Great I AM who loves you more than you could ever imagine? Or will you surrender to the world, 7 billion voices strong with 7 billion different perspectives, opinions, stories, insecurities, strengths & weaknesses. Or will  you submit to yourself as a form of self-worship.

Let us look only to our Creator who is all knowing, all loving and all powerful for the wisdom it takes to create responsibly.

May everything we create point to Him and shine a light into the darkness.

May our work be aligned with Him and His will. If it is not, then it is doing harm.

As artists, we have a responsibility to BE A LIGHT like a city on a hill!

Whatever story you choose to give a platform to can either breathe life into someone’s soul or it can be a stumbling block.

When we create, when we stand on a stage or whatever platform we’re given, let us be mindful of what we give voice to and be mindful of the great responsibility we have.

Because as we walk the path we are either clearing it helping the others behind us to journey to the finish line OR we are laying down stumbling blocks that some may trip and fall over.

Whether you are a painter, actor, writer, singer or entertainer of any kind, your creation or voice can do one of two things:

  • Be a lighthouse that shines a light of promise, hope and love that guides them home as they journey the waters of life.


  • Be a siren that lures the broken and tempted to seduction and destruction.

Here is another way to look at it. Before we reveal what we’ve created, may we ask ourselves, “What are we serving?”

Jesus told the thirsty woman at the well…

“but whoever drinks the water I will give him will never be thirsty again! On the contrary, the water I give him will become a spring of water inside him, welling up into eternal life!” John 4: 14

May we use our voice to direct others to Him who provides the Living Water!!


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