The trail of wounds.

The wounds that have been touched by the Savior’s love are still being healed. He is still making all things new.

But the memories are there. The questions still find a way of returning.

This long lost relative showing up in the middle of vulnerability. Do I welcome them inside or turn them away knowing they’ll return again someday. Should I give them a voice or should I silence them.

In the midst of this confusion and hurt I am reminded that we must let our wounds breath to heal. We can only bandage them for so long before they need air. But some wounds are deeper than others. Some wounds take longer to heal layer by layer.

Fatherlessness. Confusion. A childhood robbed of the fullness of love we so yearn for. The memories that don’t exist but we so wish they did.

I remind myself of the forgiveness I have given. And my wounds were given by the other broken and beautiful people.

I’m reminded that the deep unseen wounds have a point of origin and the origin is not the broken beautiful people. It is the point of origin in which all pain and wounds have bled from: the enemy of our soul.

See if I take a good hard look at where my deep unseen wounds began, I will find a trail of wounds leading back to the broken beautiful people’s hearts and it doesn’t stop there. No. They go back generations. This realization of the reality that is brokenness leads me to a place of thankfulness for what Jesus did for you and I and for all the other broken beautiful people. He is making all things new. He is healing me, layer by layer, step by step, to His Truth. And His Truth is and will always be His Love for us.

We are called Sons & Daughters of our Heavenly Papa God.

So the next time those questions and memories of the childhood we wished we would’ve had show up at your door, know you are not alone. You have God right there with you who can speak Truth over the hurt. & That Truth of who you are in Him is what will replace the lies…making all things NEW.

Ann Voskamp’s timely post, “What Cures those Unspoken Feelings of Abandonment & How That Can Change Your Holidays” is perfectly inspired by the Holy Spirit for today’s aches. I encourage you to read this if any of this feels at all familiar.