Learning the Father’s Love…

God cares how we see Him, know Him and love Him.

For those of us that have had our fair share of “daddy issues” can sometimes wrestle with how we view God as our Father.

I, personally, tend to approach God the Father in a more formal way; full of reverence. I see Him as Majestic and Sovereign always sitting on the throne.

While listening to other’s speak of their love for the Father’s Heart and their personal experiences with Him I am always filled with awe; my head slightly tilted to the side filled with…jealousy[almost ashamed to say it?]

When I think of Jesus, the Son of God, I feel filled with a close intimacy and excitement that He is my Bridegroom whom we will one day meet at the Altar.

But when I think of God the Father….I yearn for that closeness.

Last night, the Lord gave me a dream. A gift. In my dream I was standing next to my Father. He hugged me and I was filled with such a pure overflowing love for Him.

That image of a daughter running up to her Papa and jumping up on His lap and feeling so loved and safe comes to mind. I wish I had more words to describe this dream. All I know is that I now have an experience to draw from when I think of Papa God and I praise and thank God for this gift. I pray that those of you out there that can relate to this are also given an experience of the Father’s Heart.

I leave this with you: Precious Daughter of our Heavenly Papa, “He sweeps [your] hair back from [your] ears; he swings [you] above [His] head. He says [you] are emerveillement. He says [He] will never leave [you], not in a million years.” -Anthony Doerr

May you and I never again let our experiences [or lack thereof] of our earthly father’s heart be the lens in which we view our Heavenly Papa.