Meeting Jesus…another layer.

Eleven years later the Lord is still unveiling new levels of understanding from this one magnificent Meeting with Jesus (you can read about that in more detail here).

I believe that this vision is many-sided and deep with multiple layers. Just like His glorious Word. You can take even one verse and the Holy Spirit, in His will at the appointed time, will unveil deeper and deeper layers that minister to the depths of our being.

This new layer is one of sweet comfort during times of confusion, chaos and utter disarray.

The vision began with me walking around the earth in a state of confusion. Everyone and everything around me was chaotic and ‘off’. There was less gravity so even the houses slightly floated above the ground. People were running around. There was no organization or understanding of what was going on.

Then an angel came to me, took me by my left hand and we ascended to His magnificent Holy House, high above it all, in the clouds. It was in His House that He pulled me close, hugged me, and told me, “Stop being so stubborn. It’s going to be okay.”

His response in times of disarray, confusion and chaos is this, to come close to Him. “Stop being so stubborn. It’s all going to be okay.” He just wants to hold us in His arms and whisper these sweet Words of comfort. It’s all going to be okay.

The Great I Am has got this…

Jenn Johnson recently came out with a song called Gravity. It is strikingly similar in many ways to my vision. I invite you to close your eyes and experience His invitation in song. After the video, watch Jenn’s testimony of how this vision came to her.