Deborah the Bee Part II



Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidot, was judging Israel at that time. (Jdg. 4:4)

Flaming © K. Gallagher

The Flaming Bee

The fourth judge of Israel was Deborah, a woman of flames/torches/lamps/lightning.[1] This is according to the bolded phrase above when viewed in the Hebrew (eshet lappidot). I find it captivating that the Hebrew uses such fiery connotations when it presents this unique woman in the Bible. All this imagery is lost and falls flat with the transliterated word Lappidot. Blazing torches and fire brands are much more exciting and unpredictable — another reason I love the holy tongue! Have you ever thought of Deborah as fiery? This is how the Bible describes her. Not only that, but she was a prophetess and a judge! Talk about a woman with weighty responsibility! I even imagine her with flaming red locks to accompany her…

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