I miss you

You say you’re here but I can’t see you
The fog you worship only deceives you
Searching for truth and identity
you fall for the lies of the enemy
Drinking in the elements to silence your pain
only drowning in the lake of false promises that stain
Contradiction and revelry disguised as wisdom
justifying the “natural” like a twisted siren
singing songs of desire and impurities
whispering these words preying on your hopes…
“One more high and you’ll be elevated to other dimensions of tranquility and inner peace, one more rave of immersion in the latest drug that will transport you far away to a place above all the pain above all the confusion, one more night, one more party, one more trip and wisdom will be yours.”
As you’re reading this you fight it
But tell me this before you scroll
If you knew truth, joy, peace and love
then why the need to escape if you have nothing to escape from.
I tell you from experience as one who was once in your midst;
brokenness wrapped in lies breeds deeper brokenness until you no longer recognize the “why”
But in the presence of the Healer the One that loves you beyond measure who created you breathed life into you and in His relentless pursuit of you He sacrificed Himself descending into battle then rising in victory to save you from the enemy.