A Womb of Wonder

In the Unseen my heart draws wisdom from a deep well

You gift us truth uncontainable by the mind but known by the soul

The Great I AM is the source of my peace & wonder

He deepens my roots

My compass pointing me to eternity of life

My surrender yields fruit unmeasurable

With 95% of the Universe dwelling in the “in-between” I feel safety and security

In His Spirit I am held

His Presence and Kingdom all around is closer than my breath


You gave yourself for our rescue

One encounter and all fears melt away

A Mystery welcomed

Through you all creation was birthed

From stars exploding declaring your Majesty to black holes colliding with galaxies

To a baby’s first heartbeat tucked away in a womb of wonder

That’s where we are now

Awaiting the sound of the shofar that calls us home into our heavenly bodies

The Bride finally carried through the threshold of eternity

The pains of labor I’d give a thousand times over for just one Kiss from the Son of God

We are One just as you prayed for

The Songs of Solomon don’t do it justice

These words dancing from my heart to this page could never capture my love.