A Supernatural Treasure Hunt

“And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness— secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.” Isaiah 45:3 (NLT)

Have you ever watched a mystery film and been completely astounded that a detail that appeared to be a ‘throwaway’ was the very key that unlocks everything! It all comes together and makes sense after that! You soon realize that every detail is purposeful in a film. The writer plants clues throughout his script and as the audience we know to pay attention…not to jump to conclusions but trust that later on revelation and understanding will come.

I love how our Father does this. He doesn’t promise it will be painless or easy. He doesn’t always keep us on the mountain tops. And He definitely doesn’t cater to our desire for instant gratification. Nope. As much as we think we know what we need, we don’t. He knows best. God knows how painful it is but He declares it purposeful. He knows how dark the valley can be but He promises He will never leave us and He is working all things for the good for those that love Him. Through affliction He delivers us from affliction. Through adversity He prepares us for battle.

Our Father wants to develop our faith, trust and character in the midst of each valley. He desires deeper roots and that requires process. Fertilizing the soil of our hearts, digging underneath the surface no matter how messy and painful it may be, planting the seed, watering it with His presence and wisdom, the seed breaks open because new life is born from the breaking, and His Light shines calling us higher as the roots go deeper.

And as we grow, out of our insecurity we cry out to God, “What kind of tree am I? What kind of fruit am I called to bear?”. But yet again, He works in the mystery and leads us on a treasure hunt that will develop us.

Being on a treasure hunt is all about perspective. You can look at it one of two ways. Either you are filled with excitement, wonderment and perseverance OR you can get frustrated, lose faith, and shrink back in your doubts and insecurities wondering if the treasure is real, if the journey is worth it, if the answers will ever be revealed. You watch as everyone around you seems to conquer effortlessly as they discover each clue and achieve each milestone whilst you stumble and can’t seem to even read the map.

Your ‘thought life’ is essential to your journey. I have not mastered this by any means but I want to encourage you as someone who has recently discovered the latest clue in my own treasure hunt just keep trusting and walking. Your efforts are not in vain. Your journey is not in vain. And EVERYTHING is purposeful.

A detail that seems confusing and insignificant can be the very key that unlocks your destiny and calling. I’m not asking you to drive yourself crazy by obsessing over each and every second of your life. I’m simply asking you to trust that God will reveal the importance of that tiny detail in HIS timing. It took almost 11 years for the meaning of this detail to become revelation for me.

I hope this encourages you to keep trusting. Don’t give up and hold your thoughts captive as you journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land. He is lovingly making your heart and mind more and more like His in your own unique representation.