Hide and Go Seek

“Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” Philippians 2:15

Los Angeles, the city of Dreams, is a place that lures so many with the infamous “What If”. What if you are ‘found’. What if you are finally plucked out of the crowd and are finally ‘seen’. What if the world someday knew your name. What if. What if a star was born in you. Whatever lures you with the promise of being found outside of God is an empty promise. The saying, “I’ll be happy when…” comes to mind. But no amount of money, fame, worldly adoration, or success will fill that void.  

The pure joy of being found is so exhilarating. The deep belly laughter from a child after you surprise them with a sudden, “I see you!” is so beautiful. Where does this desire to be found come from? God. The Father has planted that desire deep down inside of you because you are a reflection of His image and likeness. He loves to be found and seen and delighted in. And the enemy knows this so he attacks it with his fiery arrows of deception when and wherever he can. He lures you with empty promises of being found and seen by the world like it’s the answer to everything.

In Christ you are Found.

In Christ you are Seen.

In Christ you are given a new Name.

In Christ you are a new creation…and a Star is born. Shine brightly for His glory like a city on a hill.

Once you turn to the One who sees you the desire to be seen by anyone else melts away. Then and only then will you know true freedom. Freedom from striving. Freedom from approval and validation.

So, beautiful one, I call you to freedom. Know your the son or daughter of the King of Kings and everything changes.