The Fruit of Waiting

“Then they believed his words, and they sang his praise. But soon they forgot his deeds and wouldn’t wait for his counsel.” Psalms 106:12-13

Our Messiah calls us Home to our Heavenly Father crying, “Remember your first Love”.

Do you remember the moment after salvation when you were filled with the meaning of His wonders & His great deeds of Grace. Your heart oozed gratitude. His scandalous grace & mercy held your gaze. Our first Love was Him and is Him because only in His heart resides the very fullness of Love. He held your gaze, occupied your thoughts and you couldn’t wait to learn more! But after the ‘new’ wore off and the day-to-day took over you strayed. The blazing fire of your passion cooled off and became lukewarm. We forgot that a fire needs tending. If you’ve ever been camping or had a fireplace you know this. Fire requires fuel, oxygen and heat.

The fuel is Jesus, the Bread. John 6:35 says this, “Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) answered, “I am the bread which is life! Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever trusts in me will never be thirsty. ” Without Jesus in your everyday life your fire will lack fuel just like your body would without bread! We also need to consume the bread of life to survive just as our fire needs fuel to consume.

The oxygen is the Breath of God or the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh! We need God breathing on our fire for the flames to thrive!  However, don’t let someone else blow your fire out. Also, don’t suffocate your fire by depriving it of the Breath of God, the Holy Spirit. He want’s to be closer than your breath and to communicate to you in an intimate relationship. He want’s your life to be empowered by His! So living daily with the Breath of God, breathing on it will allow your fire to thrive.

And finally, I believe the heat required is the Father’s heart. The Father’s heart is as fiery, passionate, raging wildly for us as the heat of day. His heart towards His children is never cold. In physics, heat is energy. So we require the Father and His heart to be the heat that starts our fire and keeps it roaring!

When our fire is roaring, our eyes gazing on our First Love, we can then go back to grasping the meaning of His wonders and His great deeds of Grace. We will then go on believing his words, singing His praise and waiting on His counsel.

The Israelites in Psalm 106 failed to grasp the meaning of His wonders that He displayed when He led them out of slavery. They forgot the deeds of His grace He carried out when He rescued them from bondage. Forgetting what God did for them and why He saved them was the breeding ground for their lack of desire to wait on His counsel. Remember that God loves you and rescued you from eternal bondage. He called you out of the darkness and into His light. After they forgot, neglecting His counsel, they became a jealous people, filled with greed, and began worshipping other gods. They rejected the beautiful land, not trusting in His promise. They complained and lacked obedience. But still, God took pity on their distress, the mess that they had made, whenever he heard them cry.

Wait on His counsel and the soil of your heart and the fruit of your life will be eternal and purposeful.