Meeting Jesus

“But my prayer, in righteousness, is to see your face; on waking, may I be satisfied with a vision of you.” Psalm 17:15


My first word in my first quiet time with God. It was as simple as that. I then accepted Jesus into my heart on a leap of faith. Little did I know I would meet Him shortly after. Later on that summer, while spending the night at a friends house, I had a vision that shook me to the core. I’m one of those that remember my dreams often but this, my friend, was no dream. This was a trip to the Heavenly realm and it went like this…

I was walking around in a state of confusion at first. The world was in disarray, gravity was slightly off where it felt like one was walking on the moon, and the planets were aligned and oh so close to the earth. An angel came down and took my left hand. We ascended up and over these puffy white clouds. A large golden mansion appeared. I asked the angel, “Is this Heaven?”. She nonchalantly replied, “Yes”. We entered the mansion and I walked in to what appeared to be a waiting room. The only thing peculiar about this waiting room was that there was a screen on the wall playing visuals of bees. To my right I saw a hallway lined with angels of all different ethnicities. I began walking down the hallway, the angels were watching me intently. To my left was a doorway with no door. I walked in and I knew who stood before me but who was I to stand before Him? So I hid behind a brick partition waiting in awe & reverence. I peeked and He was standing there holding His hand out towards me. I came out from behind the partition and slowly walked towards Him. As soon as I grabbed His hand my knees buckled underneath me. I was overwhelmed with an unexplainable sense of wholeness. I was overflowing with so much joy that I couldn’t process it any other way then to burst with tears. I have never felt so much love, such perfect passionate love in it’s absolute fullness. He pulled me in and embraced me in a hug. I never wanted to leave. I would be satisfied to stay there for all eternity. In His arms you are literally unable to be in ‘want’ of anything. Your heart is so full that you don’t miss the world whatsoever. He said so much in His touch and embrace but the only thing He did say with His words were, “Stop being so stubborn. It’s all going to be Okay”. In the next breath I woke up at my old friend Vanessa’s house, still sobbing with a feeling of overwhelming gratitude but also disappointment in being back here on earth.

If you take a leap of faith, believe, & surrender He will show up and you can look forward to an experience like this one..whether today or when He comes on the clouds at that trumpet sound. I long for all of humanity to experience this.  I long for all the Sons & Daughters of the Great I Am to know Him and get to experience eternal life in the arms of our Savior. I love you all and with a fiery passion I unapologetically share my faith so that one day I can stand next to you in Heaven in the biggest family reunion of all time!